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Guest Room – “Black & White room”

{as of March 2012}



Evolutions of the Black & White room

1.  This was the very beginning, during one of the times we looked at the house.  Mauve, baby!


2.  And just a year later, this room was coming together nicely.  Of course, it may have helped a little that this was the only room we actually furnished ourselves – this was our bedroom set from downtown.  We hadn’t done a thing to this room at this point besides move out the old nightstands, plop our bed and nightstands in here, grab a new quilt and throw some pillows for the bed, and replace the blinds.  This room looked fairly nice with the least amount of work, right out of the gate.  (We even spent the first month living here in this room while we worked on the master… and Aaron seriously tried to talk me into staying here permanently.  But thank god I put my foot down and insisted we move upstairs to the microscopically small bathroom and ridiculous closets.  Back to the point…)


3. Current state is getting even better!  We have now ripped up the carpeting, spray painted those beige lamps and changed the lamp shades, flip-flopped the layout of the room (moving the bed to the opposite wall, thus giving guests an actual view to the backyard), painted the walls and soffit, updated some of the throw pillows, hung up artwork, moved in an inherited chair and ottoman (and threw some fabric over them as faux slipcovers) and changed out the door hardware.


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