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{watch dumb and dumber do up their dwelling}

Photos of the Money Pit, er, homestead

Ok, I’m getting professional up in here, people.  I’m adding direct links to each of our rooms instead of attempting to put them all here.  Check it out!

  • Exterior
  • Living room
  • Guest Bedroom, “Purple room”
  • Basement
  • Pool table room



Since I’m still fairly stupid at all this, I’ll be leaving the current page as is until I get everything into it’s own page.  (Read: Don’t hold your breath waiting for this to be finished or you may be the purple guy standing slumped over in the corner.)


Exterior shots… ah, sweet winter.  You make it all look so, well, muddled.  Here are some 2011 shots:

And this is the exterior before we replaced the eaves/fascia around the entire house (2010):

So that’s the outside so far – moving on in!  Let the beginning of the house tour commence!


Guest bedroom/study as of winter 2011:


Second guest bedroom as of winter 2011:


First floor bathroom as of winter 2011:


Coming soon… more house tour.  If you’re lucky.  And you’re willing to wait until 2013.

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  1. Buehler!!!! Old neighbor! Hope you are well! Love the blog, I will keep on reading! Hi Wife! We are pregnant with our 4th baby. Ya, that’s right….4th baby!!! CRAZY, I never thought we would have this many hooligans running around. We have 3 daughters now and are hoping its a boy as long as he is a calm person. Anyways, love the house!


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