The Buehler Buzz

{watch dumb and dumber do up their dwelling}

All about Ferris & Sloane

Thought I’d just go ahead and get that pesky Buehler reference out of the way.

Moving on…

Since only people I’m related to and maybe a couple of other friends who think we’re funny (okay, weird) actually read this, you know who we are.  We are Liz and Aaron, here to sink money, labor and gin into our fab 1947 Wright-inspired home.  We’re writing this to document what we’re doing to our home as we learn how to deal with a house.  As it turns out, we’re complete morons who really thought that tripling our living space and moving into a house from a condo would be a sweet breeze.  It’s more like a stormy tornado… with martinis at the end.  Which makes it awesome.

Enjoy our antics!

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