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Month: April, 2014

From the land of two dishwashers

Subtitle: Why no, owning two dishwashers has NOT gotten old at any point in time during the last 5 months!

And folks, here we are. Five months since the last update. Not dead, just burned out.  We officially passed the FOUR-YEAR mark of home ownership.  Which means we’ve officially been renovating this place longer than I went to college.  (Yeah, bet you didn’t think this idiot made it out in four years, did ya. Joke’s on you… I TOTALLY DID.)

So, yeah, of course we’re not done with the kitchen.  But I have to say, it is looking fucking amazing.  And this definitely deserves the swearing qualifier because who are we with this kitchen?!  Fake ballers, that’s who.

In lieu of like, you know, “good” or “finished” or “staged” photos, how about just some of these:


{taken mid/near-to-end renovation}



{taken a bit further along, backsplash completed, pot filler installed}



{last weekend after finally installing the floating shelves and TV}

I mean, what?! Do you see that?!  It’s crazy awesome in there now.