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Familial Treasures {part two}, Buddhas, and some drywall

Betcha thought I’d never actually get to part two, didn’t you?  Yeah, well, so did I.  What a surprise I am to myself recently. I’ve even been participating in…


(wait for it)







(I’m pretty sure that deserves all caps because my idea of manual labor usually includes pointing out exactly where those piles of 2×4’s need to be moved or pointing out exactly where those bags of garbage need to be moved or pointing out exactly where that huge armoire needs to be moved or pointing out exactly where that pile of plaster drywall needs to be moved or pointing out the sections of nails you forgot to remove from the studs.  While holding my martini. {Or box of wine, we’ve gotten way too cheap over here for my regular martinis.})


But my laboring is a story for another day.


Today I brag about some more goodies I managed to wrestle from my sisters in the parental purge.


1. Aunt Spee’s secretary

2. Dog lamp

3. ART!


First up, Aunt Spee’s secretary.  Who is Aunt Spee?  Dad’s mother’s first cousin.  Married to Uncle Bill Kausmann.  It’s from the 1920’s; check it out:


Look at these details!






It’s in our foyer by the living room, and this is where I usually sit and work now… when the house isn’t torn up.  So, not too often.  YET. But it’s fabulous, no?


Next we have the dog lamp.  From Red Oaks in Long Grove, circa 1976.  Lived in the music room in our Missouri house, in the built-in’s in the living rooms in the Deerfield houses, and has spent time on desks, kitchens, bathrooms, you name it.  (It’s been EVERYWHERE, per Johnnie Gail.)  Now, it’s in our study:




And last but not least, art.  Ah, art.  How I love thee.  Can a house ever get too much?  The Wagner/Buehler answer is, of course, hell no!

Check out this gallery wall in the library:




Up there, we have grandparents, great-grandparents, moms, dads, sisters, wedding photos, diplomas, masks, whistles from Peru, backscratchers, bronze plaques, ink drawings by mommy, shoe prints, mongoloid Shakespeare, and a Modigliani print.  {Pay no attention to the scary desk.  You can’t see it.}




Trust me when I tell you it just feels good in person.

And finally, I give you… BUDDHAS!

It’s almost getting out of control, except that it’s still super sweet.  I definitely see more in my future, oh yes, there will be more.

That will be all today.  Except, please send good vibes and continued luck on the current project:




{Why yes, that IS our kitchen right now.}

{What?  Gutted?  Why yes, the kitchen IS gutted right now.  We just got drywall on Sunday.  We’ve also had to reinforce all of the joists, reinforce a bunch of the studs, add a huge header, rewire the entire kitchen, add two more water lines, switch out the fluorescent lighting, and add approximately 87 outlets.  Because I like electricity.  Everywhere.}

{What?  Taking a long time?  Why yes, it is, hence the computer silence over here.  And here’s the long story about the manual labor – I’ve been doing it in the kitchen.  I’m practically a bodybuilder at this point.  A bodybuilder who drinks a lot of beer.  It’s my new thing.  Beer + manual labor = silly Lizzie.}

{What?  Why yes, this has been going on for over 2 months which means that we ARE nearing the end.  Maybe. You can never tell around here.}

{What?  Why yes, it IS GOING TO BE FUCKING AMAZING. Just wait and see!}



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  1. Kim

     /  August 12, 2013

    Absolutely amazing, my friend! I’m in support of all of the above. Can’t wait to come and visit soon!


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