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Month: September, 2012

Bathroom gut (part two)






Did you think we’d be done by now?

Me too.


What? Hysterical laughter?  Please… we haven’t even begun to reach hysteria over here.

That was maniacal laughter, which is completely different.  And it’s only maniacal because I must be a total maniac to ever think that a project around these parts will move along without meeting complications.  So yes, family, I’m conceding to my feeble-mindedness (1).  Right here.  In print.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished to date on the bathroom:

  1. Replaced our sewer stack (down to the basement) and vent (up through the attic/roof).
  2. Replaced all of the copper hot & cold water pipes (which run from the boiler room in the basement to the bathroom).
  3. Pulled down 4 walls of paneling.
  4. Pulled down 3 walls of plaster.  (The 4th wall is our outside wall and doesn’t have electricity through it, so we’re just going to be drywalling right over the plaster.)
  5. Removed the laminate flooring.
  6. Removed the tile flooring that was under the laminate flooring.
  7. Removed the subfloor.
  8. Removed the most awesome toilet in the world.
  9. Removed the countertop and sink.
  10. Removed the handmade vanity.
  11. Found some live outlets hidden behind the vanity.
  12. Removed the mirror over the vanity.
  13. Busted up and removed the cast-iron bathtub.
  14. Removed the tub vinyl surround.
  15. Removed the tiles that were under the tub vinyl surround.
  16. Found another outlet behind the bathtub.  (I’m told it was dead, but I’m not sure I believe the guys.)
  17. Removed all of the weird dead electrical wires and the old live wires.
  18. Rewired the entire bathroom on its own circuit.
  19. Purchased all of the bathroom pieces and fixtures,.
  20. Pulled down a large section of the basement ceiling.
  21. Fully replaced two of the floor joists that were so rotted we were told it was “likely” the tub would have fallen through the floor had we not done so.
  22. Pulled down the ceiling, bringing down old nests from our enemies (read: raccoons) who  had been inhabiting the house prior to the Buehlers.  (And why yes, we DID find more sweaters – thanks for asking!)
  23. Replaced the subfloor.
  24. Took two tons of garbage to the dump.  (2 TONS.  That is 4000 POUNDS.)
  25. Installed all the recessed lighting, pendant lighting (oh yeah, we’re doing both.  It’s gonna be a photophobia’s worst nightmare in there by the time I’m done with it) and ventilation casings.
  26. Installed the new bathtub.
  27. Built a pony wall.
  28. Drywalled the ceiling.
  29. Hardy-boarded the walls and floor.
  30. Created all my requested ‘nooks’.  (Lizzie + nooks = love, true love)
  31. Ordered the door.
  32. Ordered the new baseboard heater covers.

For all of you who haven’t done one of these renovations on an older home, usually only maybe half of these would be part of a bathroom redo.  Not all 32.  Extra steps means extra time, and extra moola of course.

But man oh man, are we going to have a freaking fortress of a bathroom when we’re done!

Upcoming remaining steps include:

  1. Tiling the floor.
  2. Tiling the tub surround.
  3. Tiling the pony wall.
  4. Sanding the drywall.
  5. Painting the walls & ceiling.
  6. Finishing the canned lights and pendants.
  7. Finishing the ventilation fan.
  8. Installing the new toilet.
  9. Installing the vintage dresser-turned-vanity, including the countertop and two sinks.
  10. Finishing the electrical upgrades.

That sure looks easy.  I bet we’re done in another couple of weeks! (2)

Later taters,

(1) True story: my sister and I were visiting the Holocaust museum in DC about 12 years ago, and while walking through came to a plaque reminding us that not only Jewish folks were singled out, but also people with deformities and those who were deemed “feeble-minded”.  I told her that if I had been born back then I would have been eradicated due to my short arm (really, I have one) and she comforted me by letting me know they probably would have been more affected by my feeble-mindedness and done me in for that first.  And since we’re sickos, that’s funny to us.  And is still at the crux of many family jokes.

(2) See what I mean?  Feeble-minded.  Do you think it counts if I can spot it?

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