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Month: August, 2012

Bathroom gut (part one)

Totally left you hanging with that last one, didn’t I?


Where do I start… (oh my god, the Sound of Music “let’s start at the very beginning” just popped into my head and is now going around and around and around).




You know those times when you decide to meet your friend out for drinks after work?  And you work downtown?  And you live in the suburbs far away from downtown?  And you haven’t seen your friend for a couple months, so drinks literally means multiple drinks?  So you take the late train home?  And by the time you walk in your door it’s around midnight?  And your mate is already in bed sleeping?  And you wake him up to chat because that sounds like a good idea?  And he half-asleep informs you that he and your contractor friend start ripping apart the bathroom that day?  And you had no notice/warning/head’s up that the topic of redoing the bathroom had even been broached outside of the home?  So you’re taken by complete and utter surprise?


That’s my life.  And it’s awesome.


The demolition had begun.  That was 5 weeks ago.  And I think we’re JUST NOW finishing up the “tearing down” phase.  Really.  Because sometimes when you buy a 65-year-old house, the “updating” that was completed between the original build and you buying the house was done by mongoloid monkeys, thereby leaving live wires behind bathtubs and compromised joists under bathtubs.  So what should have taken 5-6 hours has taken 40.


But are we bummed?  Hell no!  We’re getting all new electricity run on it’s own circuit into that bathroom (you know, so we don’t get electrocuted while in the tub), all new plumbing in the bathroom, a new sewer stack and vent (from basement to attic) just for that bathroom, and finally installing a ventilation fan.  Bringing it up to basic standards, yes, but that’s a huge gain from where we started, people.  HUGE.


Oh wait, what bathroom, you ask?  Why, the first floor bathroom!  The guy that looked like this:



While on the surface that bathroom was in decent shape, let’s get serious – it only LOOKED like it was in good shape.  Remember this?

And I’m not sure that I ever took pictures, but besides the wonky toilet and our genius fix, we were also missing tile on the sections of the walls framing the tub (thus exposing drywall to water every time we ran water in the tub), we had a probable leak going behind the wall from the shower head (causing us to deem the shower off limits to guests), we had no overhead light (when attempting to change out the fixture all of the exposed wires had simply disintegrated), and the right water faucet handle was impossible to turn unless you had Hulk-like strength in your forearms (so Aaron never even realized it was stuck, I’m dead serious).


So when they who shall heretofore be forever more known around these parts as “the most wonderfully magnificent parents on the face of the earth holy shit you guys are awesome!” parents handed Mr. Buehler and I check to “please, for the love of our desire to bathe when in Chicago, will you please just take this to fix up that bathroom for us?” who were we to say no!?  (In fact, I may have grabbed the check, endorsed it, and attempted to immediately deposit it online in within 3 seconds.  Maybe.)


To be continued…



**This post sponsored by “the most wonderfully magnificent parents on the face of the earth holy shit you guys are awesome” Johnnie & Tom Wagner