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Month: September, 2011

Coolest thing to come out of MN since Michele Bachmann

Oh damn, it’s Friday and I’m feeling hilarious.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I had the greatest honor of joining my lovely mate on a sales trip to Minneapolis. What? Yeah, of course we brought Lex. We’re nutjob dog people now. (Note: he’s giving me a sweet lick-down on my elbow as I type this, but that’s really a story for another day.)

Now, where was I? Oh yes, MN. It was rad! Seriously. I had no idea it was going to be so hip and arty. I was thinking more along the lines of Blue Springs, MO . Sort of behind the times and let’s just call it – lame (sorry KCMO peeps, but you know how it is).

We spent most of Saturday putzing around Stillwater. It’s this fabulous town right on the river with tons of restaurants, bars, and antique shops. We had the best time! Of course, I wanted to buy everything. After some bickering, I mean banter, we agreed that I would be allowed to pick out one “big” prize. Big being relative (remember this house that needs a shitload of work?), I was on a mission. My first small prize of the day was found almost immediately:

Yep, a bowl made out of a record. How awesome! We both loved it, although since we got home I’m scared to use it for fear of shattering the record… any ideas? Thinking it will end up on the study/purple room shelves somewhere… or maybe in the basement… or maybe in the living room… you can see I had a plan for this.

Next I found a Hudson Bay Company wool blanket. I LOVE them, and it was a steal at only $75. But… it doesn’t really go with our “house theme”, if you will, and there was definitely some moth damage on the end. Still, it was my maybe all day long. It’s still on my mind, honestly. I couldn’t totally have used it in the basement in the winter. Damn.

We found a few other things, but they were either too expensive (awesome oil portrait for $5500) or just too impractical (antique baby pram, anyone?). Until we saw her:

She had to be mine! It was love at first sight… or rather, second sight. She was wearing the most hideous lamp shade you’ve ever seen in the shop. Huge, wavy bottom with fringe, yikes. So this Buehler did some bartering. Marked at $75, I had the shop owner call the lamp owner and talked her down to $50 without the shade. Score 1 for me! (I’m new at haggling, but am getting the hang of it. Aaron calls me a shark. I like it.)

Isn’t she simply fabulous? And I just love her in our first floor bathroom.

Now I just have to find a shade… thoughts? I’m sort of stumped, but what I’m using clearly isn’t working, so don’t judge me on the current shade. It’s just what I have in house.

In any case, it’s been a couple weeks and I’m still grinning every time I go pee in there. And maybe dancing a little jig or two.


PS: Because we’re crazy dog people – check out Lex in my shots. And then just one of him because he’s my boy.