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Month: August, 2011

Why salesmen are hilarious

Sub-title: Why being married to ARB is totally funny

Remember those allergies that were causing me to be sick from the entire house?  Well part of that includes the crapola in our ducts.  We hadn’t had them cleaned since we moved in, and suspected that the last time they had actually been cleaned was never.  I collected a slew of those duct-cleaning coupons you always get in the mail, and turned the whole batch over to my mate who was sure he would get a better deal than me.

So Aaron got on the horn.

And this is what happened when the chosen one showed up today to clean:

Air duct guy: It’s going to be $89 for the whole house.
Aaron: That sounds about right.  (Note:  ALL of the quotes he’d gotten, except from this guy, were in the $250-350 range.)
ADG: However, since these have never been cleaned, EVER, you should really look into the entire disinfecting, debugging, air freshening, super-magical-you’ll-feel-like-you’re-breathing-in-the-air-of-heaven package.
A: Hhmmm… we probably should.  How much would that be?
ADG: Well, for the entire package, $600.
A: I’ll give you $200 to do it right now.

I love it.  Let’s hope it wasn’t just a scam and he actually added more spider eggs to the ducts.  Fingers crossed!


PS: Check out this before and after – nuts!

(This isn’t my own picture… the guy took pictures and will be emailing them to us, so it probably was a total scam but I’m still excited at the possibility of the reality.  That’s called optimism, folks.  And stupidity.)