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Month: July, 2011

And… we’re back!

No, we haven’t abandoned “the Buzz” (as the hipsters are referring to it these days. And by ‘hipsters’, I mean ‘nobody’.) That was a bit of an unscheduled summer break. But hey, these things happen, right? Hasn’t everybody been diagnosed with sudden ulcers, infections, new food allergies, new airborne allergies and lactose intolerance SIMULTANEOUSLY, thus rendering you useless for a few weeks? Just me?

S W E E E E E T.

Due to said allergies (which have apparently rendered me completely allergic to my house, mattress, couches, husband, basement, bathrooms, dog, pillows, sheets, vents, continue thinking up items and I’m probably allergic to them), I have some nice house updates coming your way… if I ever find the camera and actually take any pictures. (Yeah, I totally know where the camera is. I’m just really lazy.) And by ‘nice’ I mean ‘subfloor exposure’. Get ready to get jealous, people. We’re starting a whole new trend. I mean really, who needs REAL floors when you can have an awesome, patchwork quilt-like mix of scuffed and stained hardwood with gaping holes, plywood subfloor patches and concrete slabs? Not us! Yep, the carpet that covered our living room, dining room and foyer is all GONE.

Now back to my regularly-scheduled job… more to follow… sometime or another.


PS: We did manage to sneak in our July 4th party – and I think this photo of Aaron just about sums it up:

4th of July