The Buehler Buzz

{watch dumb and dumber do up their dwelling}

Month: June, 2011

Oh how I love picking up shit.

In my mind, this area was to be Aaron’s.  Now, I don’t know if I made up this conversation or if it actually happened, but in my memories we had this talk:

L: You’re going to pick up all the dog poop, right?

A: Yeah, sure.

L: Good, because I do NOT do poop.

A: Okay, honey!

See what a lovely conversation that was?  And until this morning, I’ve managed to go an entire month with only having to grab the poop up outside once.  Score!

Until this morning.

Because you know what happens when your mate has to leave early in the morning after the dog only goes pee outside and you have to get into the shower so you leave Lex downstairs by himself for 20  minutes outside of his crate?

A HUGE PILE OF SHIT shows up in the dining room corner.

On the (used-to-be-white-40-years-ago) carpet.

Shouts of “Gross!”, “Damnit, Lex!”, and at least four minutes of dry-heaving followed while I layered 3 bags over my hands to pick it up and then cleaned the carpet.

Standard poodle

It could’ve been worse I guess – at least he didn’t try to eat it.