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Month: March, 2011

When you’ve rented a Chester-the-Molester van one too many times…

You go buy this:



Well… you do if you’re a Buehler, Harriet (your 10 year old CRV) is about to die, you’ve been dreaming about a TRUCK since you were 8, you still have 23 years worth of work to do on your house which will undoubtedly involve many multiples of trips back from Home Depot with huge sheets of wood and tools, you sell appliances and therefore transport them occasionally, and you somehow talk your wife into it even though it DOES NOT FIT INTO THE GARAGE.

So friends, meet Fred. He’ll be living in our driveway for the next 15 years. Or until the garage falls down… which will probably be sooner than that.

(I better be getting some kind of “awesome wife” award. Either that or “hoopie of the block”. I’d honestly be happy with either… I just want a title.)


Foyer closet = magic

And we’re done!  Check, check, check it out: 

(Remember I said “done”, not “pretty” or “styled”.)




Not too shabby for a couple of dummies, eh?  And it only took a total of 4 days, so I was totally ahead of my projected schedule… of 5 days.  Nice.

We’re so proud of our couple of building experiences that we now regularly walk around the house throwing out ideas to one another:
“We need to build out the linen closet.”
“What about building floating shelves for the dining room?”
“Let’s try building an outdoor bar cart for the summer!”
“We could TOTALLY build a new toilet for the first floor bathroom!”
We may be taking this a bit too far…


It’s our house anniversary!

It’s official – we closed March 26, 2010.  We’re one year in and the house is still standing!  And we’re still married!  And we still love our house AND each other! 

These, people, are serious accomplishments.  Especially when you consider what we’ve tackled and our completely deficient lack of knowledge that we have before starting each project.  As you know, we THOROUGHLY research and plan each change before we barge in.  Oh no, we don’t just take the hammer/crowbar/table saw/paint can and just get to work… that would be totally ridiculous.   That would be like your mom letting you play with all your dad’s power tools unsupervised “so he stayed productively busy in the summertime” when you were 10.  Which may or may not be how one us us spent his summers as a child…

But I digress.  Check out this list of stuff we’ve actually gotten accomplished this past year!  And yes, I use the “royal we” quite liberally – you all know I like to watch people doing the work.

1. Took down to the studs and replaced our three flat roofs
2. Repaired, replaced and restructured the eaves and soffits that surround the entire house
3. Added support beams to the garage… you know, so it wouldn’t fall down and crush us while spending hours sorting our miscellaneous crapola
4. Revamped our built-in 1960’s gas grill to a built-in 1960’s charcoal grill
5. Added a new gas grill
6. Burned a few dinners…
7. Undercooked a few more dinners…
8. Learned how to properly cook on said gas grill
9. Painted the paneling in the dining room
10. Painted the paneling on the stairwell
11. Painted the wood trim by the ceiling in the living room and dining room
12. Painted the ceilings with a fresh coat of white
13. Stumbled repeatedly down the stairs to the living room because we couldn’t stop staring at how freaking awesome the new paint made everything look… and smell
14. Painted the cabinets in the kitchen
15. Added an island in the kitchen
16. Painted the walls in the kitchen
17. Replaced the faucet in the kitchen
18. Replaced ¾ of the knobs/pulls in the kitchen
19.  Painted all the trim in the kitchen
20. Replaced the vintage stainless-steel single wall oven with an updated stainless-steel double wall oven
21. Replaced the vintage dishwasher with an updated (working) dishwasher
22. Replaced the vintage microwave with an updated microwave
23.  Realized the kitchen was now freaking awesome, too
24. Painted ¾ of the hallway leading to the bedrooms/bathroom on the first floor
25. Painted ½ of the “purple” room
26. (Note: reminder to self – we need more paint for the first floor)
27. Cleaned out and organized the linen closet
28. Cleaned out and organized the closet in the “black and white” room
29. Painted out the trim and walls on the stairwell going upstairs
30. Spilled a gallon of white paint on the stair landing
31. Realized I was never going to grow out of that “clumsy” phase…
32. Ripped up the carpeting in the master bedroom
33. Took down a pony wall in the master bedroom
34. Painted the sub-floor in the master bedroom
35. Painted the walls, ceiling and closet in the master bedroom
36. Painted the walls, ceiling, vanity, light fixture and mirror in the master bathroom
37. Fixed the leak in the toilet in the master bedroom
38. Fixed the leak in the bathtub in the master bedroom
39. Replaced the sink faucet in the master bathroom
40. Fervently hoped that each faucet changeover won’t continue to take an average of three days and nine trips to Home Depot
41. Pulled out the lava rocks in the living room and created a seating area
42. Built out the foyer closet to add storage
43. Painted the ceiling in the basement
44. Painted the floor in the pool-table room
45. Painted the paneling in the basement
46. Re-cushioned the bamboo sofa
47. Tacked up some linen to cover up the exposed pipes behind the laundry
48. Realized using sun-bleached curtains to cover barstools and pipes is GENIUS… (and by genius, I mean free)
49. Tackled the garage, attic, and boiler room
50. And to wrap it up into a sweet fifty, throw in all the rest of the decorating, cleaning, spot-shotting, dusting, caulking, GR-8ing, Craigslisting, Goodwilling, de-micing, repurposing, fixing, sanding, more spot-shotting, accessorizing, unpacking, reorganizing, de-anting, and even more spot-shotting.

Damn!  We’ve been on a roll, eh?  And I haven’t even shown you the totally tubular toilet fix yet, have I?  Well, you’re just going to have to keep waiting.  Because I’ve got linen closet shelves to start building.


PS: Just so you’re not worried – today he is very accomplished with power tools and still has all his fingers… barely.

PPS: Ok, we’ll leave you with a couple of cool pictures… enjoy!