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Month: December, 2010

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Is it bad when your boiler is shooting out flames every few minutes?

It is?

Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Damn.

The living room lounge and eating area

(Boy, are these titles witty.  At least the rest of the posts are HILARIOUS.)

Fresh off the basement redo, I’m happy to continue on with our living and dining room update.  As alluded to previously, this happened during the same time frame which means my mom and dad helped with these spaces, too.  (Remember?  Aaron + Liz = Dumb and Dumber aka you’re stupid to turn down free labor.)

These spaces were completed within a couple of days and were super “fun” for a couple of reasons.  (Yes, read the fun as sarcastic.)  First, Johnnie got really sick.  I may have failed to mention that the week of the basement painting I was suffering from the bubonic plague.  Now, Johnnie has a fail-safe method for evading sickness – a friend’s doctor told her one time that it “wouldn’t hurt” to suck on zinc when you feel as though you may be coming down with something, so of course, she religiously sucks on zinc when she’s feeling down or around somebody who’s hacking up her left lung.  As I was afflicted with the latter for a couple weeks, she started popping her zinc while painting the basement.  Weirdly, that homeopathic ridiculous excuse for medicine did not work, and I passed along the sick to my mom.  (She still swears that she got less sick than I did, and attributes it to the zinc, I’m not even kidding.)

The other reason this space was so fun to do was because Aaron is apt to feel slightly uncomfortable with change.  Often this isn’t a huge problem, as things tend to get worked out just fine.  He has a pattern, and it goes a little something like this:

Liz: “Aaron, I’ve been thinking – my lease is up in 6 months and since you own your place, what do you say we start thinking about me moving in there, in 6 months?”
Aaron: (Weird stare as though I have some smooched boogers hanging out on my cheek)  “WHAT?  ARE YOU JOKING?”
L: “No, I just think we should start thinking about it.”
L: “Well, because it’s a waste of money to be paying for two places when you are here five nights a week.”
L: “Aaron, don’t you think I’m your mate?”
A: “Of course you’re my mate!  (Under his breath: What does that have to do with living together?)”
L: “And you’re my mate.  We’re going to be stuck with each other until death anyway, and will be shacking up at some point, so just think about it, OK?”
A: “I GUESS I can think about it a little… but I really don’t feel comfortable with this.  (Under his breath: And I DON’T want to move my stuff.)”

One month later, he presented the idea back to me as if he’d just thought it up.  Seriously.

Anyway, can you see where I’m going with this insight as to Aaron’s displeasure with change?  If not, let me present you with some before pictures of our living room and dining room:

Living room

Dining room
Pretty fantastic to begin with, if I do say so myself.  And I do.  The problem is all that wood – the ceiling is different than the dropped lip that circles the living/dining room and both of those were different than the paneling.  I’m not just talking different stains, I’m talking different types of wood for all three.  You combine that with some of the great pieces we inherited (check out our stereo cabinet that came with the house) and the built-in bookcase/bench/TV stand and you’ve got WAY too much of a 1940’s-1970’s wood smorgasbord.

So what have I had to contend with for the PAST SIX MONTHS whenever I bring up painting the wood?  “You’re going to ruin it!  I like it this way – the orangey browns and the yellowy browns look nice together!   The entire vibe of the house will be compromised!”  And my favorite, “You’re destroying the integrity of our house!”

I admit, the last one almost got to me a few times.  I actually started second guessing myself, and kept running up to my mom and dad that weekend asking them if I was truly destroying the integrity of our house.  To which Johnnie would reply, “I (cough) hate all that wood and (cough, cough, wheeze) would have paint… (cough, lung hack) …ed it six months ago.  (Blow nose, lung hack, cough)  I think you should (cough, cough, cough, cough) paint all the wood you want to leave alone, too.”  and Tom would reply, “I don’t know, maybe.  (Evil laughing ensues.)”   Helpful, right?  NOT!  (Oh yeah, that’s two successful ‘not’ jokes, for those keeping track at home.)

And, while I would love to post the “after” shots here… you’re just going to have to wait.  Because they’re on my camera… not here with me… and all the before shots are actually before we closed on the house… so we’ll see some serious changes with the afters this time around… and I wonder how many ellipsis I can work into a single sentence… while I think about the martini I’ll be consuming in under 2 hours… and then maybe some of the cheese from our wine club… and then another martini if I’m feeling really silly… or watching some horrible girly movie since Aaron’s getting home late… and I have to do something to break up the monotony of wrapping presents… and I made it to ten.  Damn I’m good.