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Month: August, 2010

Guests, guests, guests, guests… it’s like a hotel around here

This week, as clearly evidenced by that witty title, we’ll be showcasing our basement bathroom.


(Damn, those ‘not’ jokes still hold up, don’t they?!)

Yep, we’re moving onto our guest  bedrooms!  Just a quick peek into one of the three tonight, because I’m lazy.  That’s the entire reason.

Please join me in our guest bedroom, as it stood the day we closed:

This is the view from the doorway.  And if you turn left, you see this:

Oh yeah, that sweet TV and accompanying speakers were left by the year 1991, I mean, the previous owners.  Score!

A and I debated what to do with this room – library?  Office?  Guest room?  Den?  Theater room?  Yoga studio?  Martini conservatory?  Throw a sign on the door that said “Naked room” and let everybody interpret at their will?  Really, the possibilities were endless.

And then we made an impromptu purchase of our king-sized mattress for our bedroom, and we realized we had three queen-sized beds and three empty rooms.  A guest room was born!

After setting up the table and unpacking some of my books, we realized we had more of a guest room and office combination.  (This a serious luxury when you’ve just spent the last ten years balancing various laptops on your lap/knees/floor/couch arm because even your coffee table was too small for it to fit onto.  But I digress…)

The guest room slash office slash gathering place for all papers who don’t have a home:

Side note:  I read all these blogs who talk about staging their spaces before they post pictures, and I’m clearly totally into that.  See that slipcover on the chair?  Yeah, that’s a pillowcase.  How original is that, eh?  Jealous you didn’t think of that first?  See those cords hanging all over the place?  I call that “tech chic” – it all stays plugged in and ready for use, plus young children can play with them when they come over.  Win win situation!

Moving on…

The bookcase now:

I’m actually pretty excited about the bookcase.  It’s just about the only organized space in this room, and my anal retentiveness causes me to enter the room, check out the rainbow fabulousness of the bookcases, and breathe a sigh of relief.  I mean, it’s just chaos when your books aren’t color coded, am I right?!

The bed:

Dudes, how awesome is Ikea when you need a duvet because you’ve just realized that twelve people will be staying at your house this weekend and you have nothing for them to sleep under?  Totally radical.   And yep, those lamps and nightstands (say it together now) came with the house!

Future plans for this room include curtains, painting pretty much everything including the walls, lamps, bookshelves and maybe the nightstands, art, possibly some more shelving, fixing up the desk area a bit, and probably some other stuff I haven’t even thought of yet.  Until then, it’s been reported that the bed is “freaking comfortable!”, I love the purples and greens that are starting to come through, and that pillow-case covered chair is just about the most comfortable chair to ever host my heiny!

Ta ta.

PS: Remember that pledge to post once a week?  Hahaha, I was OBVIOUSLY joking.

Adventures in kitchen renovations…take two

So, remember a few weeks ago when I revisited how simple and easy updating our condo kitchen was?  Seeing as we learn from experience, and I had already experienced updating appliances, painting, and rearranging an entire kitchen, I was CONVINCED that the kitchen renovation would be straightforward, painless and quick at the new house.

I truly thought that taking off all the cabinet doors and drawers, cleaning them, painting them, and reinstalling them would take us about two weeks.  And by two weeks (since we weren’t able to take any time off), I meant about four full working days, with maybe a night or two during the week thrown in for extra touch-ups and cleaning.  I also figured we were such experts at kitchen updating that we’d have no problem installing 2 wall ovens and a new dishwasher during that time, too.

Ah ha ha ha ha ah ha ha (wiping tears from my eyes because I’m laughing so hard)… I’m not even kidding, I really thought that.

So we jumped right in the weekend we closed.  (Let me refresh your memory – that was in MARCH.)  We invaded the house that Friday, opened up the cabinets to begin removing the doors and discovered that our kitchen must have been ground zero for a nuclear reaction that caused the previous occupants to leave mid-meal.  The cabinets were FULL of stuff.

Now people, I’m not talking a leftover potholder or two smooshed behind some drawers.  I’m not talking about some old paper plates, or a couple of old cleaning supplies.  I am talking full sets of dishware, silverware, servingware, coffee cups, knives, glassware, trivets, cutting boards, various china pieces, tablecloths, cleaning supplies, dish towels, and most exciting – FOOD IN THE PANTRY.  The mice droppings all over the house were suddenly no longer a mystery; who wouldn’t move into an unoccupied house that had ginormous boxes of Cheerios left for your eating pleasure?

Needless to say, we obviously kept to the original timetable of two weeks.

Haha ah ha ha ha ah ahh ahhhh… (Oh my god I find myself so hilarious sometimes.)

Um, no we didn’t.  In fact, we worked feverishly on that kitchen for a solid month.

Then another one.

Then another one.

Then a few more weeks.

And THEN, just in time of our 4th of July party, we made it to about 85% completion.  And dudes, at this point, 85% completion is a huge and fantastic victory!

Here’s where we started; remember this gem?

And check it out now!

Here are the double ovens that Aaron did actually install in just one day:

(Who loves Dacor? The Buehler’s! The Buehler’s!)

My favorite parts have to be our knobs, and I really don’t know why except that they are so insanely cool that I just know you are all totally jealous of us.

The new upper cabinet pulls:

The mixture of new pulls and old knobs used on our lowers; how awesome are those bottom knobs?!  Yep, came with the house.

And we even managed to install that dishwasher:

(Aren’t those handles awesome?!  They’re going on our pantry doors, too… eventually.)

And there you have it!  We’ve come a long way, but of course there’s so much more on the list!  Window treatments of some sort, backsplash of some sort, art of some sort – are you catching my drift?  Lots of some sorts to accomplish, but lots to enjoy in the meanwhile.  The SCARY KITCHEN is no longer!

I leave you all with a query, and kudos to anybody who knows the answer to this one.  Any guesses as to the big joke in the kitchen at this point?  Eh?  If your last name starts with a ‘W’ and ends with an ‘agner’, you should get this in a jif!

Until next time!

PS: I’m going to try posting every Wednesday.  Let’s see how long I can keep that up!

PPS: Haven’t even cracked my blogging books, so don’t hold your breath for anything to look prettier anytime soon.  Sheesh, I do have a life, you know.