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Month: June, 2010

Adventures in kitchen renovations…take one

Most of you already know that Aaron and I decided to rent out our condo downtown instead of selling it.  While our condo was super fab, if I do say so myself, there was room for sprucing.  For instance, many of you never saw the wonder that was our kitchen.  And I mean “wonder” as facetiously as possible.  (Thanks again, Mr. Phalp, for teaching me the joy of the word facetious.  Great, great word, even if I did have to learn it while listening to YET ANOTHER one of your lectures in Orchestra class.  But I digress…)

Because Aaron is the supreme ruler of all things appliances (actually not being facetious here), we were able to score ourselves a new oven/range combo, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator for cheap.  Cheap in my book means that all of those items cost less than the fridge would have cost, had we bought it straight-out from a regular appliance store.

To say I was skeptical about my mate’s ability to actually install these items, however, is a severe understatement.  “But he worked in an appliance retail store!” you’re thinking.  “But he sells them every day!” you’re thinking.  “But he knows all there is to know about his line of appliances!” you’re thinking.

You’re right.  Except that all I kept thinking was, “But the wall that he tried to put back up took 5 years to finish, ended up weirdly texturized, and the light switches were reinstalled upside down and crooked!”

So you can understand why I had little faith, right?  Right?

But Aaron surprised me, as he does more often than not.  Not only did he install the shit out of those appliances, but nary ran into a single issue during the project.

Observe the before:

And the after:

Wow!  I’m re-impressed just looking at these!

So, what does this have to do with our current kitchen antics?  Stay tuned for take two…

(And in the meantime, please forgive my idiocy with this whole “blogging” thing… I have no idea what I’m doing.  But fear not, friends, as all problems are likely to be solved once I read my new books, Blogging for Dummies and WordPress for Dummies.  I was kidding about that.  NOT!)

Shots of the sexy time room… did you just throw up in your mouth a little bit?

Aaron and I are quickly losing some the horrific “before” images that I thought were burned into my retinas for all eternity, and while this is mostly a good thing, the whole reason I’m writing this is so that we have a great journal of what we’ve done to our house.  (Why did you think I was writing this?  Because I find myself hilarious?  Ok, well, then you were right.)

The first two rooms we’ve been really trying to finish are the kitchen and the master bedroom.  Why those two?  Because Aaron loves to cook and because I love having a cool sleeping room.  We’ve progressed a bit further on the bedroom than the kitchen at this point, so let’s check out some pictures already, sheesh, do you ever stop writing?

Bedroom, in all it’s former glory:

That border is decoupaged red craft paper with gorgeous swirls of gold running through it.  And those yellow blinds?  Well, they were white when originally installed.  They yellowed from the cigar smoking that we alluded to earlier.  Pretty much the only thing I wouldn’t want to have changed in this room is that sweet barca lounger.

Here’s another view of the room right before we closed, so the furniture has been removed:

Now, onto the current shots of the bedroom!  We’ve ripped out the carpet, torn down that half wall, removed the blinds, painted the sub-floor, scrubbed the windows, painted the ceiling, painted the walls, painted the baseboard heaters, added new baseboards and painted the interior of the closets.  We also, just this past weekend, built the bed frame and the headboard.  (We now think we are as powerfully gifted as Mike Holmes.  I mean, we were wearing overalls.)

This shot is the exact opposite wall of the bedroom; you know, the one that hasn’t been pictured yet.  To get your bearings, we have the bed in the exact same place as the first shot of the room.

Taa daa!

What a change!  I just love it, although of course I’m still thinking of all that’s left to do!  (Bedside tables, a couple more pillows, window treatments, painting out the back of the headboard, finding baskets or something for the cubbies in the bed… and that’s just for this side of the room.  Yikes.)

More to come on the other side of the room and the bathroom shortly.  Until then, feel free to check out that bed again and get JEALOUS!

UPDATE: We got those bed plans from Ana White’s website – she rocks.  Seriously.  (I didn’t know how to add links when I posted this, and recently realized credit is due.)  Go there and make something and then you will feel almost as superior as I do.