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Month: May, 2010

It’s official… we really do live in the suburbs.

Two days from now will mark our 2 month anniversary as true suburbanites. I’m actually in shock when I think about it; I feel as though it was about 2 weeks ago that I was telling the movers to just throw the rest of that crap into the garage and we’ll deal with it later! (Note: ¾ of all that crap is STILL in the garage waiting to be dealt with.)

So, what’s been happening? Let’s see… to date, we have accomplished/experienced the following:
• Moving all our stuff from our condo
• Moving all our stuff from our storage space
• Moving some of our stuff from Aaron’s mom’s basement
• Moving none of our stuff from Liz’s parents’ basement
• Discovering all three of our flat roofs needed replacing
• Finding a flood in our master bedroom during the first big rain storm, confirming that the flat roofs did indeed need replacing
• Discovering all of the soffits and eaves surrounding our house needed replacing.  (We have over-sized soffits and eaves surrounding the entire perimeter of the house.)
• Daily sightings of the squirrel families living in our back eaves made us think the soffit and eave replacement would be on our list of earlier “things to do”
• Daily nocturnal sightings of the raccoon living in our front porch eave solidified above decision
• Meeting with multitudes of contractors to learn what was involved with replacing soffits, eaves, and flat roofs
• Picking a (so far) fantastic contractor with a great crew
• Having the flat roofs replaced
• Learning the term “torched down” literally refers to a man holding a huge fire torch and aiming it at the back of roofing material, then unrolling it and torching the next section
• Clearing all of the old owners’ belongings from the entire house.  (We bought the house as-is, which in my mind meant “with the furniture I saw when checking out the house” and which to the owner apparently meant “as dirty and as full of 1962 and forward garbage as I can make it. Mwa ha ha!”)
• Removing all cabinet doors and drawers from the kitchen
• Scrubbing down the entire kitchen
• Scrubbing down the entire kitchen, again
• Finishing up scrubbing down the entire kitchen by wiping down the entire kitchen some more
• Priming the cabinet framing, cabinet doors, cabinet drawers, doorway trim, doors, baseboards, and ceiling molding
• Painting the cabinet framing, cabinet doors, cabinet drawers, doorway trim, doors, baseboards, and ceiling molding
• Painting the kitchen ceiling
• Choosing paint for the kitchen walls
• Having my mom inform me that the chosen kitchen wall color was “all wrong, no, no, you can’t put this up.”
• Choosing new paint for the kitchen walls
• Painting the walls with the new color and realizing my mom was right
• Having my mom say “I told you so!”
• Purchasing and assembling a kitchen island
• Realizing that I am totally awesome with the electric screwdriver
• Attempting to move into our master bedroom
• Realizing the old owner must have spent years contemplating life in the master bedroom while chain-smoking cigars
• Tearing up the carpet in the master bedroom
• Finding sub-floor instead of fantastic old wooden floor under the carpet
• Talking Aaron into painting sub-floor with porch paint until we decide what to do with upstairs flooring
• Making Aaron apply the paint… 1 coat of primer and 3 coats of paint
• Aaron sending me death threats under his breath
• Ripping out a half-wall in the master bedroom
• Patching the section where the wall was.  (Aaron is quickly becoming a master at drywall patches and cornering.)
• Tearing down the maroon and gold decoupaged border around the master bedroom
• Painting the master bedroom walls
• Painting the master bedroom ceiling
• Painting the master bathroom ceiling
• Having my sister paint the master bathroom walls for 5 hours
• Realizing the chosen bathroom wall color was too blue and not gray enough
• Having my sister almost strangle me when she discovered we were changing the bathroom wall color
• Repainting the master bathroom walls
• Repainting the master bathroom vanity
• Replacing the master bathroom vanity pulls
• Finding a master bathroom sink leak
• Aaron replacing the bathroom faucet
• Discovering the leak was still active
• Aaron tightening all the pluming under the sink
• Discovering the leak was still active
• Aaron contemplating divorce, then retightening all the plumbing under the sink
• Fixing the master bathroom sink!
• Discovering the master bathroom toilet is leaking
• Ceiling collapsing in a first-floor closet
• Discovering the bathroom shower/tub is leaking
• Hearing a weird, slopping noise coming from the basement
• Realizing the water heater leak is more serious than originally thought
• Having the dishwasher stop draining after running it twice
• Remembering vaguely some sort of “home warranty” that we received during closing
• Cashing in big time with the home warranty. (To date, we have received a new water heater, credit for a new dishwasher, and a thorough cleaning of our boiler – score!)
• Discovering our built-in gas grill doesn’t work
• Learning that converting our gas grill to a charcoal grill is ridiculously easy

And seriously, that’s just off the top of my head in the past five minutes. It has been an adventure, to say the least! All that being said, however, we’re really having a blast. While I loved coming home to the condo and hanging out on our building’s sundeck and being downtown, I think I love even more going to our patio, sitting on our new outdoor furniture, having my martini and checking out the gorgeous view of our backyard and the golf course. Seriously – how can you beat that?!

Speaking of, I’m off to do just that. More pictures with referenced changes above to come shortly. See ya!