The Buehler Buzz

{watch dumb and dumber do up their dwelling}

Month: March, 2010

Almost there…

Authorization to close came in yesterday, so closing is officially set for next Friday!

A and I strolled up the street to Sullivan’s for a celebration – a couple of martinis and a couple of burgers were definitely in order.  Three stressful months of paperwork and research finally over!  Now the fun begins…

Here come the Buehlers!

Hello, folks!  Well, we’re jumping in to the world of sharing.  As we get ready to move out of our beloved home downtown and into our new abode in the suburbs, we started thinking that we need to document all of the projects that are going to be taking place during the new few days, months, years, decades… you catch my drift.  The house needs work.  (Or as one of my girlfriend’s stated a couple weeks ago, “Wow, you’re going to be REALLY busy for the next couple of years!”)

So, without further ado… some ‘before’ shots of our home.

I can’t wait to get started!